Saturday, January 7, 2017

Juic'd Life

I am obsessed with juice bars and places to get acai bowls. Since my beloved Salted Lemon closed a couple months ago, I've been trying to find a nice replacement. Juic'd Life is a juice chain with one location on Oahu. It is located in the SALT complex in Kaka'ako. 

When you walk in, there's a huge fridge of pre-made, bottled juices. I have never tried the juices myself, so I can't tell you much, but they do have samples of all juices available so you can taste before you buy (which I LOVE). 

The only reason I went was for the acai bowls. There are four different bases that you can choose from. Acai, acai greens, acai with rice protein, and prickly pear.I opted for the acai greens, which didn't taste like vegetables at all (YAY!). After you pick your base, you can choose as many toppings as you'd like. On mine, I opted for banana, blueberry, coconut, almond, bee pollen, and honey. There are countless ways to customize your bowl, and you can see the full list of toppings here! 

The great thing about Juic'd Life is that the bowl is a set price so you're not charged per topping like other places do. They also do the same thing with salads (pick a base and unlimited toppings for a set price), which could be nice if you're on the go. 

Is this a replacement for my Salted Lemon addiction? Maybe. I like the concept and customization, but it's hard for me to fall for a chain juice bar instead of supporting local ones. Also, I really did not like the parking structure at SALT and would highly recommend parking ground level by Starbucks instead. 

Let me know if you've ever tried Juic'd Life and what your favorite place to get juices/acai bowls are on the island!

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