Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Salted Lemon

I've only been back in Hawaii for two weeks, but I've already eaten at Salted Lemon twice and have plans to go back a few more times before I leave! This place is seriously my go-to for acai because it's pretty conveniently located for me, is locally owned, and delicious!

Salted Lemon is located in Liliha and is really close to downtown Honolulu. The parking situation isn't great because there's really only street parking available, but they do phone orders and curbside pickup so you can call ahead if you need take out! They specialize in health foods so you'll get your typical juices and smoothies along with acai bowls, papaya boats, and pitaya bowls. 

Pitaya and Acai Bowls

I've tried two juices, a smoothies, and the acai bowl from Salted Lemon so far and I've loved everything! The acai bowls are pretty large and are always presented beautifully! This is seriously instagram worthy food! I've also tried the "Red Delicious" juice, which was beet and apple, which is amazing and something I'm definitely craving again and the "Going Green," which was cucumber, kale, pear, and mint. I'm usually not super in to green juices, but this was delicious and I felt healthy because they juiced a whole cucumber for it! The smoothie I tried was the watermelon one, which was a slushy consistency and also really amazing!
Acai Bowl and a Going Green Juice

Price-wise, I feel like the prices are comparable to Jamba Juice or other juice chains, but the quality is so much better! Everything is made to order and all the produce are so fresh and quality. 

I think that acai is such a must-do when visiting Hawaii, and honestly this is the best place I've found! A lot of my friends swear by banan, but I like this a lot better! Also, it's a lot more convenient than Haleiwa bowls and I think that it's nicer than a Lanikai Juice. 

Let me know if you've gone to Salted Lemon or if you're lusting after one of these acai bowls! Also, make sure you follow this blog on bloglovin to get notifications when new posts go up!

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