Monday, August 15, 2016

Cafe Lani

One of the *trendiest* new places to eat is Cafe Lani. It's located in Ala Moana and has been hyped up like no other. I've eaten there twice, once for lunch and another time for breakfast, so I thought I'd share my thoughts. 

My mom and I went to breakfast around 9:30 on a Sunday and this place was pretty packed. We only waited five minutes for a table, but the entire restaurant was full. My mom ended up ordering a croque madame, while I got the berry french toast. The croque madame was good, although a touch salty, while the sauce on the bottom of the french toast completely made the dish amazing. Obviously the star of the dish is the bread on both plates because that's what they're known for. Both our dishes also came with the AYCE bread, which was amazing. My favorite bread was the croissant or the corn one, but they have unique ones too (like bacon bread!)

The lunch and the dinner menu are the same (I believe) so this is kind of a review for both. At lunch I got the porcini mushroom pasta. The mushrooms were good, but the pasta had a lot of bacon, which wasn't my favorite. If you're going for lunch or dinner and are planning on loading up on the bread (or trying all the different bread) it might be smarter to get a salad or something less carb heavy so you don't get too full. 

This is where Cafe Lani starts to look a little less stellar. At breakfast my mom and I were seated at the communal table in the middle of the restaurant and both the couple on our left and our right made comments about not wanting to return because of the service. I don't think that the service is necessarily *bad*, but it's not good either. The food took a long time to come out both times I've eaten there, and sometimes depending on where you're seated, you might not get the AYCE bread when the waiter is offering it to the tables. Breakfast took about an hour, which I don't think is too bad, but if you come here, know that you come for the food and not the service. 

Overall I think that this restaurant is a bit overhyped, but it is one of those places that you need to eat at once if you're interested in it. It also seems important to mention that they do siphon coffee, which looks pretty rad (although I can't vouch for the taste) and they are also known for their instagram worthy dessert parfaits, so it might be worth it to just stop by for dessert after eating somewhere else. 

Let me know if you've eaten here or want to in the comments below!

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