Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Musubi Cafe Iyasume

I've been working crazy hours this summer (4pm-11pm) in Waikiki, which means that I'm usually eating dinner out of the house. Waikiki isn't known for being budget friendly, but I have found my go-to place to get cheap, quality, healthy food. 

Musubi Cafe Iyasume has multiple locations throughout Waikiki, but I've been frequenting the one in the Aqua Pacific Monarch hotel because it's a two minute walk from the store that I work in. This store has a seating section, but you absolutely need to get the food to go. I usually eat it in the break room at work, but you should eat it on the beach (preferably watching the sunset). 

Musubi Cafe has musubis (duh!), but also bentos, different bowls, udon, and more! It also functions as a convenience store, so you can get all your chips, soda, and ice cream. My go-to is either a mini beef bowl or a mini curry bowl with a salmon musubi and an iced coffee. My total is usually slightly over $5 (they have a $5 minimum for credit card purchases) and keeps me full all night long. 

This is absolutely the place to go if you need food FAST! I have never waited more than five minute to get my food and the workers are the nicest people ever. Honestly, I've waited so much longer to order and get my food at the McDonalds down the street and the food at Musubi Cafe will beat McDonalds all day everyday. 

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