Friday, May 6, 2016

Laughing Planet

I'm not usually one for chain restaurants, but Laughing Planet is something out of this world (pun intended)! It was originally an Oregon chain, but there are two locations here in Reno, the newest one being a two minute walk from school! For the uninitiated, Laughing Planet is a health food place with an abundance of plant based and vegan foods. If you were to give it a genre, I guess it would be "mexican" because they have burritos, quesadillas, and bowls, but within that genre there is plenty of variation (korean burritos? thai bowls? yes, and yes!) 

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I got the Thai bowl, which was green beans, broccoli, brown rice, tofu, peanut sauce, and a slaw. It was completely vegan, which was great, and it was insanely tasty! My friends got quesadillas and one got the kale salad, which she raved about! The portions aren't huge, but everything was really filling. I went in to dinner reasonably hungry, but ended up taking a fourth of it home as a snack for later. Price wise, it is a bit on the higher side (my food was $9.16 with tax), but everything is so fresh that I feel like it's worth it. 

I am definitely going to make this one of my go-to spots, and I am so excited to try everything (especially the seoul burrito minus the cheese)! Also, if you're going to get the thai bowl, my RA here in the dorm told me you can sub chicken for the tofu if that's something you're interested in! 

Let me know if you've eaten at Laughing Planet before (either here or in Oregon), and if you want to look for a restaurant near you, click here! 


UPDATE: In the two days that's passed since I first ate at laughing planet, I've already revisited it! This time I got the Cuban Burrito, which was huge (but I ate it all), delicious, and nothing like I've ever eaten before. When you read the description, you'll likely be confused. BBQ sauce? Plantains? Sweet potatoes? But it was seriously delicious and maybe, possibly, the best burrito I've ever had. 

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