Sunday, April 3, 2016

Salt and Straw

Salt and Straw is an ice cream shop located in Portland. They do small batches of ice cream in some unique flavors. This was also one of the places that came to me highly recommended, so I had to try it out! 

The locations of the stores weren't really convenient for me to get to while I was in Portland, but there is a stand inside the Moda center, so I got to try it out when I was at a Trailblazers game! The flavor I got was almond brittle with salted ganache. It was so insanely good, I can't even describe it! It was a bit pricy (but I got it in the Moda, so everything was pricey), I think that this cup was $7 or maybe $9. 

I love Salt & Straw and I want to go back and try everything! There are also locations in Los Angeles and Venice Beach, so maybe I can go to those locations when I'm in SoCal this summer!

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