Thursday, April 28, 2016

Hub Coffee Roasters

Recently a group of houses near UNR was renovated in to really cool stores. One of those houses is Hub Coffee Roasters, which I'm going to talk about today! (The others are Laughing Planet, The Mill Juice, and some bike shop). There's another Hub located in the Riverwalk district, but I've never been to it because it's a little inconvenient for me to get to. 

The menu at Hub is pretty concise, but it is really good, simple coffee. I usually get an almond milk mocha, but I've heard the caramel latte is good as is the cappuccinos. None of the drinks are particularly sweet, so if you need a lot of sugar with your coffee, this may not be your place. They have almond milk if you don't like dairy, but they also use California standard dairy so supposedly they're able to make a really good microfoam (or so the barista says). 

The decor is crazy amazing here! It is so minimalist and bright and they have beautiful artwork on the walls. There is seating on the bottom of the cafe, but you could also go upstairs for more seating. There's also free wifi and cute succulents everywhere. This is seriously one of those places where you can go to get amazing foam art for your instagram pictures!

I definitely think that I'm going to be spending a lot of time here (or at the MIll or Laughing Planet) during my time here in Reno because it is so convenient and great to study at! There's only two more weeks here in Reno before I fly back to Hawaii for the summer, so get excited for more tropical posts in a couple weeks!

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