Thursday, March 31, 2016

Voodoo Doughnuts

This is the quintessential doughnut spot in Portland. Everyone knows about Voodoo, and everyone I know that's tried it, loves it. 

Voodoo is known for really outrageous doughnuts. I got the "Dirty Old Bastard," which was a doughnut dipped in chocolate covered in oreos and peanut butter. They also are known for the bacon maple donut and have endless options (even vegan ones!) 

The location is in downtown, near the Pearl District. It always has a long line, so I suggest leaving a good amount of time to get your doughnuts. They were cash only when I visited (not sure if this is always the case), so keep that in mind! There is plenty of outdoor seating, but if it's rainy, you might need to find somewhere else to eat your doughnuts!

I love Voodoo, and I think that it's worth it to pick up a donut or few whenever I'm in the area. If you haven't been, I would highly suggest going at least once just for the experience!

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