Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bread + Butter

Brunch is life and since my friends and I have been obsessed with trying some new brunch spots lately, I thought I'd review Bread + Butter. 

This is a bit different than other brunch spots because it's cafeteria style. You go to the front and place your order, get a number, and find a seat. Supposedly this place gets busy at times, but I was here at 10 on a Friday and it was pretty much empty. You can also get your boozy brunch on here because they have a Pinot bar! The location of this is really great as well. It's right next to Shokudo on Kapiolani near Ala Moana. For parking, I'd suggest going in to the mall parking right next to the restaurant instead of parking at the restaurant, which is behind the restaurant and a further walk. Either way, parking is free and abundant!

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For breakfast I had the taro banana pancakes, which were delicious! It was really heavy on the whipped cream, but I liked it like that! My friends had the french toast, which looked huge and awesome as well and the dashimaki (an egg, rice, and ham dish) that looked really cool as well. The acai bowl also looked good, but I'd suggest going with the large for a full meal! They do have coffee here, and they do latte art, which is awesome! I didn't try any myself, but my friend had a mocha that she said was amazing. 

I want to come back another time for lunch or dinner because I hear this place does really great salads and pizza. For all you 21+ people, they also do a Paella Tuesday, where $20 will get you paella and a glass of pinot! 

I definitely like this place a lot! The interior is really modern and beautiful and the food was delicious! The staff was also ridiculously nice and talked to us for a bit when we first walked in. Let me know if you've gone here for breakfast or what your favorite brunch spot (in Hawaii or elsewhere) is!

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