Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Nook

Over my winter break in Hawaii I brunched so much! Brunch isn't something I do often, but my friends definitely know the best spots and we've been going crazy brunching this break! One of the places we went is The Nook. 

The Nook is located in Puck's Alley on University Avenue. It is really a nook as it's a quite small restaurant with a few indoor and outdoor tables. The decor and ambiance is so on point, though, and I was obsessed! 

I ordered the papaya and ginger pancakes and my friends both ordered the mochi waffles. I had a bite or two of the waffles, so I can talk a bit about that as well! Holy cow this food was good! I loved these pancakes and I ate the entire thing! The fruit made it sweet, so syrup wasn't needed and the ginger added an interesting texture and flavor! It wasn't overly sweet, but was really satisfying and was a great change on the normal pancakes. Now for the waffles. That is something I'll probably get next time I'm there! I think they add mochiko into the batter so it has a beautifully sticky, dense texture that is so different from the norm. 

I hear that the Nook is also known for the pork belly eggs benedict and the mochiko chicken and waffles, neither of which I've personally tried. I definitely want to go back (I'll probably end up taking my mom) and will probably be one of my go-to brunching spots in the future!

Let me know what your favorite brunching spots are and where they're located (in Hawaii or worldwide!)

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