Monday, January 18, 2016

Moena Cafe

I went brunching with a couple of my friends the other day at Moena Cafe. It's located in Koko Marina in Hawaii Kai and is super popular with both the locals and tourists, so I thought I'd share it with you today!

First off, let's talk about location. It's located in Koko Marina, which makes it really convenient if you're going to Hanauma Bay because they're so close together. It's a bit of a drive from town (around 25ish with minimal traffic), but it's a very chill drive because all you have to do is stay on the freeway then turn left. 

This is a pricier place, but if you're brunching as a treat, I think that this is really great. It's a little fancier than some other breakfast joints, but the menu items are all really good and everything tastes amazing! I've been a couple times and I've eaten everything from the shortrib loco moco (amazing) to the acai bowl (soooo big) and the fruity french toast (my personal favorite)! The one thing that I haven't tried yet is their eggs benedict. They have different variations of benedicts, but I haven't tried any of them yet! But every time I'm there I see people ordering it, so I bet it's amazing as well!

Moena Cafe is a bit of a drive for me, so it's not somewhere that I go often, but it's always amazing when I'm there. This place is always crowded, though, so budget for waiting time because chances are there won't be a table ready when you arrive! 

Let me know if you've eaten here and what your favorite brunching spots (in Hawaii or worldwide) are in the comments!

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