Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Nitrogenie Hawaii

A new ice cream store opened up in Ala Moana shopping center called Nitrogenie. Everyone has been talking about it because they make the ice cream in store using liquid nitrogen and a stand mixer instead of an ice cream machine or a freezer. This store is in the new wing near Bloomingdale's and is the only Nitrogenie location in the United States. It is an international chain, though, with locations in Bali, Australia, Thailand, and England. 

Each week they have seven flavors in store, and they rotate weekly I believe. The flavor that I got was "Mango of Summer," so that's what I'll be talking about today. The texture of this ice cream is so smooth and creamy! It doesn't have any of those ice crystals that can sometimes form, and has the best texture of any ice cream I've ever tried. These are also really gourmet ice creams with unusual flavors (maple syrup macadamia? salted caramel popcorn?) and it really shows! Instead of a normal scoop, they add something extra on top! For the mango one, they cut the ice cream to look like a mango, but for the lemon meringue, they topped each one with a little meringue. Mango of Summer was really delicious and was the one dairy free, vegan, flavor they had on the menu. It may have been vegan, but it definitely tasted as rich and creamy as any normal ice cream I've tried!

Liquid nitrogen ice cream sounds a bit gimmicky, but this was definitely worth the hype! There's usually a little bit of a line (it could be because the store's still relatively new), but it's definitely the best place to get ice cream in Ala Moana!

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