Friday, November 6, 2015

Reno Riverwalk Parks

Today I went downtown to the riverwalk district to check out some of the parks! The ones that I went to were the four on Arlington Avenue that are right next to the Truckee river: Barbara Bennett, Wingfield, Amphitheater, and Bicentennial. These are all literally right next to each other, so I'm going to talk about it as one piece. But for reference, I spent most of my time in Wingfield and Amphitheater. 

It's the end of October and the leaves are changing! On campus, some of the leaves are changing more than others, but it doesn't really feel "fall" as much as I'd like. That's not a problem at the Riverwalk! The colors are gorgeous, and seeing them next to the Truckee River was incredible! Each of the parks has something very special and unique about it that I'll talk a little bit about. 

Barbara Bennett: This is the most "park like" park. It has tennis courts, a basketball court, and some picnic tables. This was also the park that I spent the least amount of time in because I wanted to stay close to the water and didn't bring any basketball or tennis equipment. 

Wingfield Park

Wingfield: This was absolutely my favorite! From this park you can go right down to the water and sit on the rocks on the side. That's where I spent a good half an hour meditating and just taking everything in. There's also a bunch of geese in this park. They're totally friendly, and I really liked seeing them!
Amphitheater: This is right on the other side of Wingfield park. You can either go under the street along the water to get to the Amphitheater or you can go out of Wingfield and cross the street. There's a lot of grass here and it's really great for picnics. You can also sit by the water, but there are stone benches if you don't want to sit on the rocks. 

View from one of the benches at Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial: This one is above the water. It's really, really tiny, but gorgeous. There are a lot of benches that line the walkway between the river and the park, and you can just sit there and read and bask in the sun. This was another place that I sat for a good chunk of time. 

The parks at the Riverwalk are absolutely gorgeous! There are a few homeless, but they were just chilling and didn't bother anyone. I am definitely going to need to come back soon because it is absolutely gorgeous and was one of the prettiest places I've seen in Reno so far (way better than Manzanita "lake" at UNR)! 

Let me know in the comments if you've been to the Reno Riverwalk district before or any of these parks! I'm definitely going to try visit Idlewild Park because I've heard great things about it! It's on the river, but not in the riverwalk district, so it might take me some time to get out there!

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