Thursday, July 23, 2015

Driving the I-80: Sacramento to Reno

The thing about Reno is that I love it, but very few flights fly in to Reno-Tahoe and the flights never really work out too well when I'm in a rush. This past trip, instead of taking a long layover in Salt Lake City or San Francisco, we decided to drive through the forest to the biggest little city in the world. 

Honestly, this drive is pretty straightforward and easy. It's around a two hour drive (when it's not snowing), and it's usually empty so it's just straight driving without the traffic. The roads are surprisingly good although you need to be careful if you're driving in the winter/spring/anytime it's snowing because there are lots of turns and it could be potentially scary and dangerous. 

You get lots of views of the stunning Tahoe forest, Truckee river, and Donner Lake. This is by far one of the prettiest drives you could make, and the scenery is drop dead gorgeous! 

I 100% think that the drive is more scenic and beautiful going from Sacramento to Reno rather than the other way, but both drives are really nice! If you're looking for a short day trip or want to go to Reno, but can't find a good flight into Reno-Tahoe, this drive is great :)

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