Saturday, July 18, 2015

Anthony's Italian Cuisine

Sometimes when I get in to a city, I like to grab some takeout, head to a hotel, eat, shower, and sleep. It was a long two hour drive to Sacramento from Reno, Nevada and I was absolutely exhausted at the end of it. My dad saw that Anthony's had great reviews on Yelp, so we decided to pick up some takeout for dinner!

We ordered the Chicken Parm and Linguine di Mare. With each order, you can also choose a side of either soup or salad. I got the soup, and it was really good! The portions here are HUGE! I barely finished half of my chicken parm, and each dish could easily be for two people!

This was really good Italian food, and although I didn't go to pick up the food and can't speak for the restaurant ambiance, I really enjoyed the food and thought it was a super good value for the price! 

Let me know if you have tried Anthony's and what your favorite Sacramento restaurants are in the comments! Anthony's doesn't have a website, but some people posted pictures of the menu on Yelp, so if you want to see that (and see more pics of the food), click here!

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