Sunday, April 17, 2016

Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is located in central Portland. It was a nice museum, but not quite my favorite. I really like modern art, and it was a little light on the exhibits. It did have a lot of native american art (almost two whole floors), and had a decent amount of ancient asian and middle eastern art. 

The entrance fee is $19.99 for adults, free for children 17 and under, and $16.99 for college students and seniors. The first thursday of each month is free and every friday after 5pm, tickets are only $5. I would totally recommend going during these discounted times because unless you're really in to art, I don't know if the admission price is worth it. 

Is this a "must see?" In my opinion, no. But if you have a few hours to spare and are interested in art at all, then this could be something fun to do. Let me know if you've been here in the comments below, and follow this blog on bloglovin for more!

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