Saturday, April 9, 2016

Kure Juice

I tend to eat like crap when I travel, and sometimes I need a good juice or smoothie bowl to get me feeling good again. When in Portland, this place was Kure Juice. There are multiple locations, but the one I went to was near Pioneer Square. 

Some locations of Kure has macro bowls, but they all have juices, smoothie bowls, and smoothies. I am obsessed with this place and 10/10 would recommend!

The bowl that I got is called "Bowl of the Gods." It was a peanut butter acai base with coconut, goji berries, granola, strawberries, and bananas on top! This bowl was so filling and had the most incredible texture combos with the crunch of the granola, the chewy of the berries, and the peanut butter might seem odd, but really works with this!

I also got a bottled juice while I was there. They have so many different types of juice, but this one was amazing! They also have smaller juice shots that looked pretty good as well!

Kure Juice was amazing and I loved everything that I got! I would definitely recommend heading to one for a healthy meal or snack! 

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