Friday, September 9, 2016

Great Reno Balloon Race 2016

Last year was the first year that I attended the Great Reno Balloon Race, and I did a post about it here. That post was pretty in depth, and everything in it is still applicable this year, but I had a few pictures that I wanted to share from this year on the blog! 

This year, I only went for the mass ascension (around 6:45) because I honestly just couldn't get myself up for the glow shop at 5am. If you're planning on going, I have some pro tips for you here: 

1) Layer! It is pretty cold pre-dawn, but once the sun starts to rise, it gets really warm fast. I wore shorts and a tank with a jacket over it and I was warm enough. 

2) Heights. It is super fun being on the actual field when all the balloons are inflating, but for the best pictures, it is better to hit higher ground. If you go above the pond (kind of where the parking is) you can get a really nice vantage point of the balloons. 

3) Parking. It just doesn't seem worth it to park at Rancho San Rafael because they charge and it's really inconvenient getting in and out when the block off Sierra street. It's a little bit of a walk, but parking at UNR and walking over is free and less of a hassle. 

The Great Reno Balloon Race is going through 9/11/16 if any of you are in the area and interested! 

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