Friday, October 30, 2015

Is Downtown Reno Safe?

Hi guys!
I wanted to do a quick post on this topic because I've gotten a few questions about it. A lot of people want to know whether downtown reno is safe for women, college students, elderly folks... and I thought that I could share my opinion with you today. 

I 100% believe that downtown reno is safe as long as you stick to the main areas and have common sense. 

Let's start off with what I mean by "the main areas". The two main streets that the strip is on is Virginia Street and Sierra Street. Many of the main casinos are located between these streets (like Circus Circus, El Dorado, and the Silver Legacy), and many more are on the sides of these streets. These streets are always busy, are very well lit, and I think that they're safe during normal hours. What's less safe are the streets that run perpendicular to these. Many of these streets are numbered (i.e 4th street, 5th street...). These tend to be okay because they're busy, but I'd recommend crossing at fourth street personally. The alleys between Virginia and Sierra are sketchy, and I don't recommend using them at all. It's just not worth it when there are plenty of nicer, well lit, busy streets. 

During the day, you're going to get your fair share of homeless, druggies, and just plain weirdos. This is pretty normal for any mid to large sized city. I very frequently walk downtown by myself to get to the Riverwalk parks and I never feel unsafe. Many times the homeless will move to the side to give me room when I'm passing them and while I've been yelled at, nobody's gotten close to me or physically touched me. 

Now for the common sense part. If you're going to be going downtown during the late-night hours, I'd recommend going in a group. I haven't personally gone downtown by myself late at night, but I just don't think that it's smart or good. Also, if you're a woman or by yourself, have something on you that you could use in case you're attacked. Not saying it's going to happen because I haven't heard of any attacks, but just as a precaution. I always have a pepper spray on me and I often travel with a metal waterbottle that I could hit someone with if I was jumped. 

Lastly, let's talk about elderly folks downtown. I think that it's safe. My grandparents were in Reno and they were all over the place walking, taking the bus, wandering, and they were just fine. Once again, I think that if it's during the day they'll be just fine. If it's at night, I think that it's fine as long as they're not traveling far distances and they know exactly where they're going. 

My roommates both make a big deal about "how sketchy" it is, and compared to Hawaii, it is quite a bit more "sketchy". With that being said, I feel safe, I never feel threatened, and I don't think that there's anything to worry about for the most part. Let me know down below your thoughts on this issue if you live in Reno or have visited before!

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