Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hiroba Sushi

Hi guys!
It's been a while since I've posted, but I recently got to go to Hiroba Sushi and I thought I'd do a little review! In Reno, it's pretty well known that Hiroba is the best of the best when it comes to sushi. It is an all you can eat restaurant with lunch at $18 and dinner at $23. The menu's the same for both lunch and dinner, though, which is really great! If you want to see the menu, you can check out Hiroba's website by clicking here. 

This restaurant isn't particularly close to downtown Reno, and is definitely not walking distance from the strip. From the university, it was around a 15 minute drive, which isn't bad at all, and it's super easy to catch a cab or an uber there. Hiroba is in a strip mall type thing, but is really easy to find. 

We went at lunch on a Sunday. They don't take reservations, so plan accordingly! They opened at 11am, but we decided to go at 12pm in our group of seven people. It was half full when we got there and we didn't need to wait for a table, but once it got close to 1, it started getting crowded and people had to wait outside. 

They have cards that you fill out and give to the waiters to place your order. It's a pretty good system, although sometimes it seemed like we got extra sushi that we didn't order or that some of our orders got lost. My favorite appetizer was the calamari. I ended up getting two orders of it because it was so amazing! My grandparents really liked the miso soup too, and one of my friends ate through three orders of gyoza! 

For the actual sushi, the menu is split into nigiri, cooked rolls, and uncooked rolls. The nigiri was really good. I overheard some people complaining about how small they were, but it was actually good because nigiri are supposed to be eaten in one bite. The rolls on the other hand were huge! My personal favorite were the spicy tuna and the caterpillar roll (both pictured above!). The tempura vegetable one was also really good. 

One of my friends doesn't eat raw fish and wanted an avocado roll, which wasn't listed on the menu. The whole staff is super accommodating and made it special for her, so if you want something special, don't be afraid to ask!

The all you can eat meals come with a free dessert, so we got the ice cream mochi. I'm obsessed with ice cream mochi, and these ones were amazing! My grandpa ended up getting the green tea ice cream and he said that was amazing as well!

Overall I totally recommend this place! The fish was super fresh and the food was absolutely delicious, and if you do the math, if you eat a nigiri and two rolls you're pretty much getting your money's worth (haha but I ate a looooot more than that!) Let me know in the comments if you've eaten here before, or if you're dying to go!

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