Sunday, October 11, 2015

Apple Hill!

Yesterday, I spent the day at Apple Hill going apple picking, tasting everything, and basking in the fallness of everything! Apple hill is huge, and it was my first time, so this isn't going to be super in depth, but it'll give you a glimpse of what I did!

Let's start off with location. If you're coming from Reno or northern Nevada like I was, it's a bit of a drive. It's around a 2 and a half hour drive each way, but it isn't too bad. A little pointer if you're going to do this is to stop in South Lake Tahoe at the Safeway because it's around the half way point, has pretty nice bathrooms, and has a starbucks so you can caffinate up before the rest of the drive! It is located in Placerville, California, so it's around a two hour drive from San Francisco or a 45 minute drive from Sacramento. 

So first off, it's very close to the end of apple season because I went in the second week of October and it was very hard to find somewhere where you could actually pick your own apples. With that said, Goyette's had the best apples for picking, and was super reasonably priced! It was $20 for a huge box that could fit over thirty apples! They also have a pumpkin patch there, and all of the pumpkins were reasonably priced as well with normal sized pumpkins around $12, and huge ones for closer to $18. We also tried Bolster's for picking apples, but they're trees were pretty bare. They do have the best apple cider, though, so definitely check that out!

If you're not into picking your own apples, but want to buy some apples, cider, juice, or baked goods, Kids Inc. is incredible. It was super packed when we went, but it's probably because they have the best baked goods. If you go, you definitely need to get a baked good! They're known for the Walkin' Pie, but I had the apple crisp and that was amazing as well! 

I definitely want to make this an annual thing, although next year I might try going in September instead! Let me know in the comments if you've been to Apple Hill and what your favorite growers are if you've been! Also, don't forget to follow this blog on bloglovin to get updates when new posts go live! 

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