Sunday, September 13, 2015

Disney's Ariel's Grotto Restaurant Review

Hi guys!
A few weeks ago, I reviewed one of the restaurants in Disneyland's California Adventure park, Carthay Circle (if you haven't read that, click here!), and today I'm reviewing another! Ariel's Grotto is a character dining restaurant with princesses. We went during lunch, and I think the menu changes, so you might want to check that if you're interested!

Appetizer: This was a choice of soup or salad. I chose the soup and it was a clam chowder. It was pretty good, but I preferred the tomato soup from Carthay Circle over this one! They also bring really cute bread in the shape of a flower to the table, which is super yummy too! 

I got the tri-tip and my brother got the lobster salad. He really liked the salad and ate the whole thing, so I'm assuming it's good, although I don't really know. I however really liked the tri-tip! It was perfectly cooked and the mashed potatoes were really yummy too! 

Is it weird to say that dessert was my favorite part of the meal? Well, it was! It came with a creme brulee, a "smore" tart, and a chocolate covered strawberry. Out of the three my favorite was the creme brulee! It was so good and I'm a sucker for a good creme brulee! The smore tart was surprisingly not very good. I think its because the meringue was a bit dense and sticky, so it was a bit difficult to eat. The strawberry was good, but aren't they always! 

Here's a pretty unattractive picture of our spread, but if you wanted to see the soup or salad, it's in the bottom right corner. My dad got the shrimp pasta and my mom got the fish, so if you're interested you can see that too! 

I really, really like this place and even though it's more expensive than some other place, it's worth it (especially if you have younger children that would love to see the princesses!) If you're older, though, I would say maybe Carthay Circle is better because it's a little classier both in menu and atmosphere. 

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