Saturday, August 15, 2015

Universal Studios Hollywood

Hi guys!
I'm currently at Disneyland as I'm writing this, but I'm writing this post about my trip to Universal Studios! I was there for two days, and I thought that I'd share some pictures! This is the more "personal" post, but you can click here to see the post I did on the hierarchy of rides at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Before this trip, the last time I went to Universal was eight or nine years ago. I remember it had the Back to the Future ride, so I guess it must have been at least eight years ago! I came in with low expectations to be honest. I thought that it would be fun, but in a few days I'd get to Disneyland and then the real fun would begin! 

But Universal was actually fun. I talked about rides more in the other post, but the Mummy ride was actually incredible! It was so much fun and I liked how it was so much scarier (topic wise) than the rides at Disneyland. The characters were also really awesome! As you get off the minion ride, there's usually a minion there dancing, and I saw three different simpsons characters! The lines for pictures with the characters were also really short, which was nice because it was super hot when we were there!

It was incredibly hot, and we didn't bring drinks that first day, so we bought one of those novelty cups and kept refilling throughout the day because refills are only $.99 on the day of purchase. I would recommend bringing your own drink if you can, though! We ate at the chicken place in Springfield and that was okay. I really liked it, but my mom and sister didn't. There's also the normal amusement park foods like hot dogs and churros, but I would recommend getting a Lard Lad donut! It's huge, but reasonably priced and delicious! I went for the Big Pink, which was incredible, but all of them looked great! 

Overall, it was a really great time at Universal, and if you are ever in the area, go! They do have a front of the line pass, fyi, but if you go early enough or stay late enough the lines get super short and you can pretty much just walk on to any ride you'd like! 

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