Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Hierarchy of Rides at Universal Studios Hollywood

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I thought that I'd do a hierarchy of rides at Universal Studios post because I was recently there, rode all the rides, and thought that it'd be a fun post to write! This is all my opinion, and while I tried to give a good sense of the ride, you should take this article with a grain of salt! 

1) The Mummy
I am a huge fan of dark rollercoasters, like Space Mountain at Disneyland is one of my favs, so I was really excited about this! This ride is really fast, but doesn't have too many drops. It's mostly turns, although at the halfway point, the ride stops and does the same route backwards! 

2) The Simpsons
Universal Studios has a lot of simulator type rides where you feel like you're moving, but aren't. If you've been on Star Tours at Disneyland, it's kind of the same concept. This was by far my favorite of them! The storyline is really incredible, and I feel like the motion of the ride was better than the others!

3) Studio Tour
This is a long ride though the sets of Universal, but it's really great! They re-did portions of it to include King Kong 3D and the Fast and the Furious. It's really great, and worth doing at least once! I personally recommend doing it at night because it's so much more fun that way! 

4) Jurassic Park
This one always has a crazy long line, so I suggest riding it once it first opens or stay until the end and ride it at night. This is a fun ride with a huge drop, so prepare to get WET! When I rode it, everyone got pretty wet, even the people in the back row! Just a heads up, the drop itself is longer than Splash Mountain at Disneyland and can be a bit scary to younger children! 

5) Minion Mayhem
I really liked this ride! I thought the story was really cute, and it was really fun! It's another simulator ride where you wear 3D glasses, but while I really liked the storyline of this one, I liked the motion of The Simpsons or Transformers (see below) better. 

6) Transformers
This one's at the end for no particular reason other than I liked the other rides more.  I honestly still loved this ride, and think that if it interests you, then you should go on it! This one is a mix of a simulator ride because you're actually moving, but you're still wearing those 3D glasses. This is the roughest of the three sims, but I liked it a lot! My mom actually said that this was her favorite if that means anything to you!

7) Super Silly Fun Land
There's a little kid ride in Super Silly Fun Land that's one of those rides that swings around in the air and you control the vertical motion. It was fun and there was no wait at all, but it just wasn't as good as everything else!

I'm leaving out a lot of the other attractions from this post (such as the shows) because I didn't get a chance to see them all. I will be writing another post showing pictures and things from my personal trip, so check that out! If you've been to Universal Studios lately, let me know which ride was your favorite and why! 

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